We have been working with Calorad and Agrisept for over 15 years.  They have a very high success rate and the majority of our customers get very good results.  If you are having trouble taking a product or need help in getting results, call us! We want to help you get the best results possible!

We have a 40-day money back return policy (less shipping) on one opened product.  If not satisfied with a product, call us so that we can assist you.  If still not satisfied, ship back the remaining product in its bottle (one opened product per order/customer).  Include a note stating your reason for not being satisfied and a copy of your sales receipt/invoice.  We will refund your price (less s&h).

3 Month Challenge:  As with most natural products, the best results with Calorad are going to be seen over a 3 month period of time.  If you commit to taking Calorad consistently for 3 months and are not happy with your results, we will still refund one bottle for you within 100 days.  Just ship back an empty bottle within 100 days, include a note stating reason for not being satisfied and a copy of your sales receipt.  We will refund your price of one bottle (less s&h).   In order for this offer to be valid, you must call us within the first 40 days if you are not yet seeing results.  We want to assist you!

We only ship out high quality, fresh products in good condition.

Phone:  (800) 790-9160

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